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Can I Have Your Opinion On A Literacy Activity For Recption Interview


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hi all,

just joined this forum and wondered if i could ask your advice...

i have an interview on weds for a reception class teacher post and have been asked to do a 20 min literacy session with the reception class - they have left it very open ended!

so this is what i came up with last night...

read the story of 'we're going on a bear hunt' with the chn, getting them to join in with all the relevant bits (swishy swashy etc!)


then bring out a postcard which i tell the chn has been sent to them - i will say its from the chn in the story and it will say something about they want to go back to the bear cave (not sure of a reason why for this bit though, maybe because they want to say sorry to the bear for running away? any ideas on that bit?) but they cannot remember the way there. would the class make a map to help them?


then i will stick up a big bit of sugar paper with 'map' ive made, picture of house with a path running along to bear cave with pictures of the various bits places along the way, and ask the chn to help me finish it off by adding the words in beside the pics e.g mud, snow... nothing too heavy, just initial sounds as i dont know the ability but thought it brings a bit of phonic work in and models writing.


and thats it! what do you think? any ideas for improving it or alternatively ideas for other activities (im not dead set on this one, just one idea) would be greatly appreciated!! thanks

claire x

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Hi Claire and welcome. Im sure you will find the forum addictive!


Are you sure you can get that all in 20 minutes?


I like the map idea, but do you need the postcard bit can you not just make a map?

Could you give the children some predrawn map outlines and get them to work in groups or even individually to put those things on?


Good luck with the interview, let us know how it goes.

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hmmm - i did wonder about timings. but for some reason, i am fixated on the idea of a postcard being involved! dont ask me why!


what i might do is try it with my own class on monday and see how i do with it. may have to skip a bit out.


as for sending them off to do maps in groups, it sounds lovely and thats something i would definitely do with my own class. but they specifically said carpet session (sorry didnt mention that bit).


its weird because i am not even sure if i want the job that much. have an interview thurs for foundation stage leader in my own school, which would be great as its a promotion but also feel ready to move on to a new school so a bit confused all in all.


will keep you posted! oh, and i'll probably be back on here asking for advice on my own school interview task...


thanks for the advice x

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Something my assistant did at playgroup was to read the story with the children and then get them to make up their own story in a similar fashion. I can't remember what they came up with now but its maybe an idea. You could introduce the second part of the activity with a postcard from the bear on holiday and tell them they are going to have to hunt for something else as the bear is away. :o

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