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I'm doing Transport this half term (8 weeks - ahhh!) and wondered if anyone had any good literacy adult-led focus activities that they would be willing to share?


My texts for the half term are....


Whatever Next!

Rattletrap Car

Bear on a Bike

Duck in a Truck

Train Ride

The Tide

Dig Dig Digging


Any others?


Also, any good transport poems?


My issue is that a lot of the books relating to the topic are a variation of a theme, i.e. either rhyming books or repetitive language stories. Do you think I should not keep so focused on my topic and include traditional stories etc. I guess I could have a couple of weeks looking at non-fiction books on transport rather than fiction...


Ahh - it's so confusing - I keep trying to keep my planning topic based, but then I still want a variety of activities to keep the children motivated. Please help!


I've set up a travel agents and a spaceship in readiness...


Thank you in advance!

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Hi Naomi,


If you're looking for non-fiction, the Little Nippers series is good - Let's go By Plane and We Work in Space would be good for the activities you already have set up with the travel agents and space ship.


Have fun.


Jenona :o

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Lots of resources on sparklebox for extending role play and outdoor play provision around transport/bus station/garage/petrol station/pirate ship etc


Emergancy vehicles usually goes down well but if you want a different story to do my reception class last year were inthralled with the story of Icarus-lots of art and craft and literacy on how to fly or make flying machines-it was good for history too!! I like to use these old mythical storys as they can be SO much more exciting than modern stories.I'm already thinking of Bodecia with nursery when we do 'transport' in the summer term :o Stored away a few hobby horses!

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We have just finished transport and I used Mr Gumpy's Motor Car, which we then made as a vintage car and looked at old and new types of transport. Also Mrs Armitage on Wheels and although it is a ryhming story I really liked 'Once Upon a Tide'.

I also made a non fiction book box on different tyes of transport and we did observational sketches of my car engine and then loked up information on engines in the non fiction books.


Hope that helps :o x

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