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I've really no idea where I should post this so I apologise if it's in the wrong place - mods, please feel free to move it :o


I'm a Registered Childminder and mum to 3 children aged 2, 3 and 6 which consequently affects the amount of children I can care for and obviously limits my income.

My youngest will turn 3 in September and will be able to access his Free entitlement from Jan 09......so I've decided that maybe it's time for a change but I'm not 100% certain it's the right move.


Last night I was having a look on the jobs section of my local authority website (as you do of course xD ) and saw a job for a Teachers Assistant for the Foundation Phase (I'm in Wales) at a very popular and hard to get into school. The school is co-ed for Early Years, KS1 and KS2 and then girls only from 11+.

I would love to extend my knowledge and experience in child care and education and believe I would enjoy the role immensley.


Don't get me wrong I'm really passionate about being a childminder but sometimes it can be very lonely, low paid and at times I find myself crying out to be part of a bigger team and wish I was able to care for more children. At the moment I only have 3 two year olds but I actually excel when I've got more children to look after than when I've got less :(

I'm a member of a childminding group but none of the other childminders seem to have the motivation or inclination to get involved and do group activities, sponsored events or anything as a group.



Before I make a decision I'd like to find out what the pro's and con's are of the TA role.


Also if I was successful in my application what kind of questions would I be asked at the interview.......it's been a very, very long time since I had a job interview and the thought of it sends me into a panic :(

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I think it would be great. I cant think of any reasons why not to do it and you also get school holidays which is a great bonus when you have your own children.

I think if you like being part of a team then this is a plus.

the only downside I soppose is that you just have to follow the teachers direction and dont always get to do yuor own ideas.

hope it helps :o

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Hopefully if its a strong team they will value your ideas too and you can be as involved as you want to be..as a class teacher I never expect TA's and Nursery nurses to work above and beyond their time but those that are keen and want to stay and be more involved are more than welcome!! and are valued for what they do.. If you get a good teacher/nn team you have expertise in all areas to draw on...Good luck!

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I guess a lot would depend on how much you like/want to be involved in the planning of children's experiences and how much the new setting would encourage your involvment or conversly frustrate you if you were not able to be as involved you would like? So much depends on individuals and the setting.


Childminding can be a bit lonely, it sounds like you have tried to establish a networking group.


Why not get the application form and the job description to see if that contains any further insight.

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Hmm that's the thing you see I like to get really involved lol and always go over and above what's expected. (Even as a parent in my children's infant school lol lol)

At the moment I'm in sole charge and get great satisfaction in providing excellent care and learning for the little ones.

Part of me will also find giving up the childminding extremely difficult and I know I'll probably end up caring for my current mindee's in the school holidays - no rest for the wicked hey?!!!!! :(:o


I may possibly get frustrated if I can't input any of my own ideas (pinched from here of course !!!) and get fully involved.

HANS - can I come and work for you ?!!! xD


I think I'll download the application form and see what I think....oooooh I'm so excited and of course the school holidays are a bonus as it means my own children won't be affected by me going to work.


Oh I forgot to say the hours are only 26 hours per week but it doesn't give any more details.....any ideas ?

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You can't lose anything applying, go for it. I have been TAing for a few years now and do enjoy it!! I work in the school afternoons and preschool in the mornings.


It is really good to have the holidays off as you can spend lots of time with your own children!

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Can I just ask, how involved are you expected to be with regards to planning, obs and assesment or does it vary from school to school/teacher to teacher?


I know you're a very experienced TA but what would you say your main role was when you first became one - if I can pick your brains it may help if I'm lucky enough to be selected for an interview. :o


Diolch !

Thanks x

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