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hi anyone doing the E123 tma number 1?


I have completed mine and want to send it off tomorrow. But i am trying to find the regional code to fill on the PT3 form, does anyone know where I can find it?


Also when completing the form do you send the whole form then it gets returns once filled in?

I want to make sure I do it right and not mess up after all the hard work gone into it so far!


fingers cross now


thanks anyone helping out

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Your Regional Code will be on your letter of Confirmation of Registration, just under your PI (and probably on all other mailings); yes, return the whole form, the OU will sort it all. And MAKE SURE you get proof of postage, as my first one went off with NO stamps affixed - clerk's mistake, not mine - I was able to prove I wasn't being difficult to Tutor, AND get a full refund of excess postage for her, because I could produce this evidence.


Good luck!



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thanks so much SueR your a star, I kept looking and just couldn't find it... great will get that in the post



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