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:o Hi hope eveyone has had a fantastic Easter! I am about to start a new topic on Plants and Flowers next week. I am the Nusrery teacher in an Early Years Unit and so we share the computers that we have. I am really struggling to find websites realted to the topic with interactive activities for the children. The computers are accessible for the children as part of continuous provision so ideally I would like some activities that thye can do on their own and also adult focussed. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.
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don't know of many but these may be worth a look


www.wmnet.org.uk/resources - this has a counting game - covers counting snails, leaves and ladybirds plus some other early counting games


Have you tried cbeebies - they have a spring watch page with a few games based round plants - also some information on things that happen in spring

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Hi Claire


I'm sure you've planned lots of hands on activities but how about....

Planting seeds and bulbs in different materials - compost, mud, water or any other substance the children think of and see which grow best/worst.

Put some planted pots in a dark place, some light. Some watered and some not etc.

Growing cress head egg shells which the children can water and cut once grown. Beans in jam jars with blotting paper good for seeing roots. Bean shoots grow very quickly in shallow dishes and can then be eaten.

Two jars of White carnations and add blue food clouring to one jar to see what happens.

Can link to stories such as Jack and the Beanstalk and the Enormous Turnip for which you may find links on the computer.


Good luck,


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