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Hi Shooting Star,

i did this topic with my mixed FS/Y1 class last term we mixed Neil Armstrong as a famous historical person, making non fiction books and we wove planets in art using paper plates. I also used some lovely texts such as Aliens Love Underpants, Q Pootle 5, Here Come the Aliens and Whatever Next. I have uploaded my medium term planner, although it is for my FS it might be helpful?

We made our role play into a rocket and made papier mache planets. I combined the topic with Year 1 materials in art and science and we did a science investigation finding the 'best' material for a rocket window. At the end we had an 'alien party', the FS made party food for the Year 1s.

I think i enjoyed the topic as much as the children, as an NQt it's definitely been my favourite so far! :)


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Thankyou for those.We hope to do pace as part of our summer transport topic and its nice to have some new young ideas.I don't remember the Neil Armstrong lanind on the moon HONEST!!!

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Has anyone done this topic with year 1? Anyone got any fab ideas that I could use?



Sorry still rubbish at doing this Tommo here just a word of warning but probably too late did spac topic during one day science inspection was at end of topic children had learned loads could sequence and name all planets dressed up in paper painting suits, wellies sprayed silver, empty water bottles strapped to their backs for oxygen tanks they loved it Ofsed said it was not a suitable subject for reception as no opportunity for investigation but it does depend on who you get doesn't it. Hope it's going well, got all the planning for it if it's not too late tho :o

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Interesting perspective Tommo. Thank you for sharing that with us.


As you say, it does seem to vary with who you get but if it grabs the children's attention and your activities certainly sound as if they would have done then that can't be all bad, can it?

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Guest tinkerbell

As you say Tommo it depends who you get...it sounds like you had a super time.

We are having a 'space' week starting tomorrow.We did a mind map andthe children came up with

make flying saucers

paint aliens

make a rocket big enough for the whole class'because then its fair!'

make alien food

talk in an alien language

We are going to dress up as aliens on Friday (my idea)

We are going to be busy!



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