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Has anyone else heard about the SUPER SCALES?

On my moderation afternoon they showed us a list of the super scales for example in LCT and LSL point 7 is a super scale.

This was flashed up at the end of the afternoon (brain had become dazed and confused by this point) and i wrote something down along the lines of, if they get these super scale points they are ready for KS1 curriculum.

Did I hear that right?

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Hi Verityn,

Super Scale points were highlighted at our moderation meeting however what was said is that there is a correlation between these chn who achieve 6 or more in these scale points and children who get level three at KS1 sats. A comment was made that if you want to boost the number of level three's then really emphasise these scale points. :o


There were three super scale points but I can't remember exactly what these were off the top of my head. I think there was one PSE but can't remember which one - dispositions and attitudes??? Language for Thinking was definatly one but can't remember whether the other was linking sounds and letters or a PSRN. Will have a look at my notes when I get home tonight and let you know if nobody else with a better memory than I comes along in the meantime.

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Thats interesting i have supper scales for most areas of learning



DA 6 and 8

SD 5




Reading 6

writing 6


C 8

ssm 8

KUW 4 and 5

PD 5 6 and 7

CD 7 and 8


Don't agree that these could possible be level 3 children in the future if it is the case then the super scales should come with a big health warning.

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