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Next term we will be learning all about plants, growth, and minibeasts. Have planned to set up a garden centre role-play area inside but could do with some ideas for outside. There is the obvious - such as children participating in gardening, planting,etc, but what sort of writing experiences could I offer? In the classroom the children are going to be writing cards to go with flowers - i..e why do people send flowers? birthdays, weddings etc.


Outside I thought about setting up a BBQ and garden furniture and the children write shoppping lists of things they would like to eat at a garden party.But, my class have written lots and lots of shopping lists in the past. I suppose they could write garden party invitations. Anyone else got any ideas?


Also, the children have access to different bikes. How could I link these in to role-play? pizza delivery service? (got idea off teachers.tv)


many thanks for any ideas.

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how about linking with the indoors and making a flower delivery service??


could link writing with where are the flowers are delivered, talk about names and addresses etc...



Essc :o

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Short on time tonight but here's a resource for your outside play.I use this format for every topic but this is the garden one (i have it for mini-beasts if required).It's a bit like orienteering for tots.




Print and laminate the large cards.

Punch & tie-up in hidden places in your outside play area.

Under each 'station' put a dish of crayons

Photocopy the grid master sheet if possible on thin card and cut into strips.

The children take a strip then hunt for each picture and colour the correct picture the correct colour on the strip.


If you want to do it on a few different times you can format and change the colours on the large cards.Keep a supply and then just hide one card for each item and the answers will be different every day.


Hope that makes sense


I've also done this with reception with numbers.Make cards with amounts of items to count and they have to put the numeral on the strip instead of colouring in.Happy to up load those if required

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