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I am supporting a day care setting which has a room for children aged 2- 3 years old. It is quite small with up to 12 children at one time. There is also access to outdoor play.


I would be really grateful if anyone was willing to share their planning, activity sheet ideas and their timetables with me.



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Hi Surfer


I am sure there are lots of people with more experience of 2-3's than me who will come along with replies but we set up our 2-3's room about year ago (we are a school nursery now registered to provide day care for this age group).


We have 8 children in our group for a morning session only - I like to keep the session very play based but with a simple routine:

8.50 - the children arrive and parents are able to do a quick handover to staff or can choose to stay and share an activity to settle their child. Activities are set out based on knowledge of teh chidlren attending that day and children have free choice.

9.30 - outdoor play

10.15 - snacktime

10.35 - free activities - during this time children will have access to a creative activity specifically set up by the staff.

11.20 - home time - although there is no 'formal' songs/story time we have found most of the children quite enjoy a few songs or a quick story once they have got their coats on and are sitting on the settee waiting for their parents to come in.


I found it really useful to search through the birth to three posts when devising my planning and you can see some examples i attached here http://www.foundation-stage.info/forums/in...?showtopic=9810.

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I currently work with children aged 2 1/2 to 4 years, all in one room, lol.


As i have to plan for both the B23 and the FS i tend to base my activities more around the FS.


For my planning for the B23 i use the cards and list activities based around each of the four areas but try to ensure that i can cover areas of the FS too.


My group enjoy baking and messy activities. We do glueing, painting, gloop, sand foam, jelly play, spagetti play, angel delight play. Yes they are very messy but for me it is all about experiences.


My room is split into key areas. These are home corner, construction area, sand/water area and reading area. I have a small table that i use to do a planned activity a day but it is up to the children if the chose to participate. It is all about experiences and free choice so planning should be very lose.


I also base some activities around the theme that we are focusing on for the FS. We made butterfly pictures and grow flowers from seeds as our theme was growing. They injoyed this and it allowed them to explore new things.


I will have a look to see if i have anything and get back to you

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