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Morning everyone,


Sorry to question you all so early in the day, but my head has just asked me to write an 'action plan' for my vision for the foundation stage next year, i'm an NQT and have no idea how to do one or what to include. I also can't think of a lot to put in as im now on the spot because she wants it by tomorrow!!

Has anyone got an example of theirs I could look at please?



Rachel x

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Nothing like having plenty of notice eh! :o


Do you currently have a SEF?, I would think your action plan would come from this, also to include the changes in September to the new EYFS.

I would envisage the action plan could be divided into the 5 Every child matters outcomes, and include professional development/training plan for staff.


Just my first thoughts and being preschool I'm not really experienced in what a 'school' action plan would look like. Can you get any further guidance from the scool? Is there a previous action plan to work from?


I am sure someone else will be along soon who is more experienced in these matters. Good luck, let us know how you get on.



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This sounds really unreasonable of a request without more guidance, can you see an exisiting action plan from your school to at least see the format?!! much sympathy!

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Hi Rachel- I have just recently written my own part of the school development plan. Unfortunately it is on the school network rather than my laptop. If I can remember I had targets along the lines of:


* developing the outside provison

* implementing EYFS

* implementing letters and sounds to raise scores in CLL

* using foundation stage tracker to montinor more closely pupils development

* continuing to develop creativity and play based curriculum.


They are all a bit vague I suppose! I started by looking analysing data in the autumn term to see where improvements needed to be made- like everyone main one was CLL- hence letters and sounds.

Outside provision is an ongoing one- OFSTED highlighted it as inadequate in previous inspection 2 1/2 years ago hence that one.


Your school should have a proforma to use with headings. I think ours are- TASKS, PERSONNEL, RESOURCES, TIME-SCALES, MONITORING PROCESS, EVALUATION/ IMPACT



I hope that is helpful. Good luck! xx


Jenni B thanks for adding that- it's really useful- am feeling a little out of my depth with regards to implemnting EYFS.

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