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Phew What A Morning


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I had to visit the job centre this morning. I woke up to dad saying it was snowing, it was forcasted last night on the bbc website. The road that would normally be gritted were not. :( So we have breakfast etc then make our way do to the shop, what an hairasing experience, cars sliding everywhere and buses going a different way around to the normal route. :o


I managed to get on the bus phew i thought until we hit the main road, well what crazyness that was cars going soooo slowwww and backing up. :( We manged to make it onto the main road slowing moving and when we got to the hill we hit black ice and started sliding down the road nearly hitting the wall to our left, as you may tell the people on the bus started panicing, the driver did a really good job of controling a large bus. xD We then went down around the corner and hit yet another icy strech, this time we had confidence in the driver and managed to get down into town, just after 9 am. :(


I did what I needed to do in town and on the way back I came back on the little buses and the bus driver said it was a very busy morning indeed. This was late morning, and they said the last couple of hours cars and buses have been struggling up around the same hill I was coming down on. The buses were sliding everywhere, making it difficult to keep to the timetable one bus nearly ended up going into a parked car. :wacko: No doubt the council will say the snow was not forcasted, it was the same the other week when it was forcasted to be icy! :rolleyes: :unsure:


The snow is now melting and slushy but it will be icy tonight with clear sky so it will be tricky to drive on the roads again. Not looking forward to driving around to interviews tommorow. ;)xD




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Ah the British weather, :o My husband spent many years in Germany whilst in the forces and every time Britain comes to a standstill over snow/ice he tells of how much better the Germans manage at these times. He has a similar story for when roads are dug up for mains repair, in Germany ALL utilities who need underground access have to agree together to get all that needs doing done with just ONE dig up of the road. Oh how I wish we had such common sense in England. xD:(



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Glad you came through the morning unscathed if not a bit shaken!


If it melts and then freezes again tonight you might get icicles!!


I know it is sad, but when I was a kid I loved icicles, but we never seem to see them anymore in Essex and we rarely get snow more than 5mm!!


Oh for a beautiful set of dripping icicles. I know, I should get out more!

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Sounds like an eventful journey. It does make me laugh when people say every one is so much better prepared than us.

When in Canada 4 yrs ago it would make us laugh when it snowed in Vancouver city ( which wasn't often) the people were sliding everywhere, major traffic jams (which don't usually happen), this was with just a couple of inches, but they were fine with 3 foot of snow on the mountain roads when they had snow chains and big sports utility vehicles!!!

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