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Operational Plan And Eyfs


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I wonder if anyone can help me, to be fair I haven't spent too long looking at the statutory requirements of the new curriculum yet, (the setting I was in was due an inspection and therefore I had set up the op plan with fs,b23, and the standards etc oh and ECM)


Well I need to be thinking of September and being a little bogged down with assignments for the FD was wondering how much of a difference the EYFS makes to the op plan?

Is it rejigging? Placing policies in to ECM outcomes and rewording?




Do I need to prepare for some major overhaul, come on give me a clue :oxD how much change should I expect?

I guess I am wondering whether I can sit and go through the whole caboodle in no time - or do I need to read the document cover to cover first, (which of course I am only dipping into periodically at the mo for assignment information). :( (I have some brainwaves for planning and obs etc - and am gradually bringing that in)


I realise that summer reading will entail a more detailed digestion of the whole framework, just finding it a little difficult to immerse myself in work at the moment what with all the Uni work to complete.

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Hi Shirel there is a discussion about this in EYFS section called welfare requirements which shows how to set out operational plan might be what your looking for x jojom x

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