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Water Medium Term Plan Year 1.


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Hi Ruthy I am going to move this to the planning section.

I think part of the problem you are not getting many replies is that we don't have a lot of year one teachers on the forum. Perhaps you could adapt some ideas from reception?


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Guest heleng

Do you have an idea of what objectives need to be covered? We have a two year rolling program and work it so that all the objectives are covered over the course of the two years, although some are covered more. This would give you a starting point :o for waht to focus on.



When we did water and weather in Y1 (I am now Reception) we did things like materials for waterproofing, heating and cooling, investigating ice, where does water come from, uses of water, different types of weather, looking at a tropical climate like the Amazon Rainforest where they get a lot of rain, water/ sea pictures, colour mixing using different amounts of water with powder paints. Then we used books with water themes like Pig in the pond, Mr Archimedes (sp?) bath, Mrs Wishy Washy and others like that. Sorry I can't think of any other titles xD





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