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We have a small wooden shed in our outdoor space which I was thinking about turning into a library. Hoping to add comfortable cushions and rugs. I also have 2 tables and 6 chairs. Going to add a range of books and get the children to make a sign, opening times, tickets and cards. Can anyone else think of any exciting additions?

Thanks for your time.

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what a lovely idea!!


though I wouldn't have the table and chairs, tbh (went on Reggio talk last night, so looking at clearer spaces....sorry!!), but what i would have is one of those nice big dog baskets, (plastic ones are cheaper, but you'd have to cover it with some soft padding of some sort) and i'd have some lovely soft cushions in it, great for a couple of children to snuggle up and share a story in??


a big rug


picture tiles leading to the shed.......paint ordinary concrete slabs with pics from favourite stories.....maybe the hungry caterpillar sequence...so, a leaf, with an egg, then the tiny caterpillar etc...would be fun??


pencils and pens with some of those really fun toppers on and books to write 'reviews' of their favourite books


a scrap book, showing how the 'library' has changed from a little old shed to a wonderful story 'cave'.......


posters and drawings on the walls, of favourite stories??

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