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I am hoping someone can help. I did my last EYFS course on Monday and I am now changing our assessment sheets to incorporate some new wording. But it is all so complicated. I find it hard to understand so giving them to parents seems silly.


Can anyone give me an idea how I would word this into simple language so parents can understand what we are talking about


"Use intonation, rhythm and phrasing to make their meaning clear to others"


I am not being mean about the parents it is just I used the word " Dimensions" with one mum the other day and she had no idea what I meant. I would hate for the parents to take away a document about their children that they couldn't understand. Why don't the people who are producing this document think of these things????


Also we are going to begin phasing in the EYFS with our younger children as they join over the next term. Come September all children are supposed to be on the EYFS so does this mean all of their profiles need to be changed over to the new document?


Any help is much appreciated



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Im a pre-school so not using the profile but our assessment sheets are laid out like the profile as they are easy to use. I re-worded all of the last FS stuff to make it easier to understand. I re-using some of that. Might be back on for some more re-wording soon! xD:o

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