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Hi all,

Can someone help me please? I have a numeracy observation next week, am teaching 1 more in reception, here goes

Diffrentiation Extended group 2 more numbers to 10

Core 1 more numbers to 10

Modified 1 more numbers to 5

SEN Counting to 10

Am doing Mrs Wishy Washy because we are doing the theme of water, Head needs to see outdoor activities (performance management). After carpet input, outdoors am going to give a washing bag with number on it, they need to go around outdoor area collecting clothes for Mrs Wishy Washy, e.g. 1 more or 2 more depending on ability. Can anyone please give more outdoor ideas. Am going to have sand tray, children collect laminated clothes from sand tray, water tray, washing clothes in water tray.

Thanks in advance

Love Flowerxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Just looked in my 'Maths Outdoors' book by Carole Skinner and these are the ideas for one more/less objective:

- Chn to pick up handful of stones/leaves/cones etc and count how many - spin spinner/dice with more/less on it the one who has more/less corresponding to dice wins

- hide large numerals around area - describe number eg it is one more than 5 chn go and find the correct number

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Hi Flower, moving this to the reception area and will be thinking for you!

Ive always found that the children find it quite difficult to find one more when given a number in the way you describe.

Ive also found that it can be very self limiting to do something within a topic.

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