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Hi there,


I require a song about everyday technology - I'm thinking washing machines and phones, fridges and microwaves, but it doesn't conjure up any songs other than wind the bobbin up...any ideas?

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Sorting washing


One green sweatshirt hanging on the door. (hold up one finger etc)

Two Striped t-shirts lying on the floor.

Three pairs of underpants screwed up near the bath.

Four red socks outside on the path.

Five little aprons the grubbiest I've seen.

Put them all together in the washing machine (roll arms)


I have my usual magnet board pictures and number cards.I've also done it as a group performance with children putting the items in a washing machine we made from a cardboard box.Takes 16 children including house person to shut the door and press the buttons!

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‘The washing machine is a huge thirsty creature,

Swishing and sloshing and eating the washing’. Or:

‘The Hoover is a slithering snake - a greedy creature

Sliding and gliding along the floor it searches

Noisily for bugs, paper clips and dust

Nothing can escape its jaws, as it sucks up everything whole!’

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