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Pse Song Needed For Our Nursery Class Assembly


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Hello you lovely people,

Does anyone know a suitable song we can teach the school at our assembly next week? It would be great to find a song with simple actions / lyrics that was about good behaviour or working as a team. I've tried adapting 'If you're happy and you know know it....share a smile' but the muse has left me. Help! :o

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What about adapting "We all clap hands together?"

eg. "We wash our hands together, we wash a hands together,

We wash our hands together, and have a lovely time."


We care about each other, etc.


We share our games together, etc.


We tidy up together, etc.


We walk inside together, etc.


We all hold hand together, etc.


Bit cheesey?

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Why not the good ole USA song 'Why Can't we be friends'?


It's sung all over the USA and even features in the film Bridge to Terabithia. Its really nice and can be sung in a round, holding hands while sitting or just waving arms in the air.


I'll try and find a link (I'm sure there's lots).



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