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Interview How Long?


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I went for an interview today, senior nursery nurse post. xD


Guess how long it took???........................nearly 2 hours long, yes I do mean 2 hours. :o I went in at the time asked and didn't come out until 2 hours afterwards!


Well the process was:


I looked around the nursery rooms and outdoor play area which took about 20 minutes.


Then I had the interview part which seemed to go on forever, lots of questions and some distractions.


I felt that I struggled to answer a couple of questions properly, as all my 8 years experince tended to merge into one and I had trouble working out what was what and where. :(:(


My poor mother who was nearby at her brothers was having 'kittens' because she didn't know where I was and thought I had left her behind. :(


I will get to know early next week to weither or not I get the job.




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