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As a school we just made 7 story sacks based on traditional tales, these have been so successful that we are planning to making more based on popular childrens books such as bear hunt etc.


Has anyone done something similar, hoping to find ideas of books and games that hold alot of scope and would appreciate any ideas



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Hungry Caterpillar is always a good one

Hairy Maclairy


Handa's suprise

Dear zoo

Tiger who came to tea

Do the children have a favourite story and ask them for ideas?


Don't forget some non fiction ones general ones are good and then you can put a few similair stories instead of just 1.These encourage boys-dinosaurs-wheels-under the sea-mini-beats.In many ways I find these kinds of sacks more useful and wider ranging.Nursery rhyme ones are good to introduce sacks to younger children.Our nursery favourite is I'm a little teapot.

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I've seen good story sacks for Whatever Next by Jill Murphy. You might get some more ideas by browsing the ones for sale on Ebay! :o

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My kids had story sacks in reception - one of the best ones was The Rainbow fish. There was a proper rainbow fish matching game, a bit like lotto and lots of shells, sea creatures and shiny things.

Some of the others I remember were

Noahs Ark

Jack and the Beanstalk

Miss Honeys Hat.


I think they are a great idea. I used to be a volunteer at the school and had to check for missing pieces when the sacks came back. Amazing how much went missing.



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We have recently been given money from the PTA. We deciced to each make a story sack. One of our mums works in a fabric shop so we got the material quite cheap. I used 3/4mtr for each sack.


We made

Rumble in the Jungle

Aliens love underpants ( Pre school fav at the moment)

Peace at last

Nursery Rhymes

Winnie the witch

Number rhymes


Hungry caterpillar


I have a spare sack made up for aliens love underpants with felt letters on the front and one for nursery rhymes with felt letters also. I made these two from duvet covers. I am going to put them for sale on ebay.

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