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Hi Hannah


Have just been reading the Nursery Education Plus magazinne which is based on the theme of Space Nov 2007 edition. It has some great ideas on it. I think you can find it online at www.scholastic.co.uk/nurseryedplus.


Let me know if you can't access it and I'll send you some ideas for activities.



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Good evening everyone,


Does anybody have any ideas on the exciting topic of space?

Hannah x


HI Hannah


I am about to begin a space topic and have decided to tackle it by splitting into mini themes.


We are starting with rockets: reading "Whatever Next", making a story prop box with a bear, an owl, a colander and a picnic, rocket shape books on the writing table, making junk model rockets, paper shape rockets, rocket number lines, launch pad role play (sparklebox.co.uk do great space resources) we are investigating blast offs using an old camera film canister half filled with water and half filled with a fizzy vitamin C tablet, turned upside down and blast off!! (well supervised obviously) counting backwards 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!!


then we move onto astronauts and that falls in line with mothers day so we are making "out of this world" mum cards, what does it take to be a space man, job descriptions, listening and moving to 2001 Space Odysey music, moon biscuits, watching the moon landing video, 5 little men in a flying saucer rhyme


then planets with paper machie balloons to make a 3Dsolar system in our classroom, non fiction texts, information books, robots and programmable toys, large scale splatter painting to make large displays of planet surfaces


then aliens and the book here come the aliens, and aliens underpants. slime (cheap hair gel) in the builders tray, alien masks, cooking fruity aliens (grapes as eyes on cocktail sticks stuck into a melon) then saving the world and the environmnet and caring for our planet...


it goes on and on...


that was a very quick out pouring of ideas.

hope that gets you started!


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Some great ideas Roxanne - Thanks! Just wondering, never used hair gel as slime before, do you have to get parents permission or is it safe? e.g. if they put it in their mouth, eyes

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ISorry haven't got back quicker been a bit busy in Nursery World there ideas for activities are:


Letter from space - write a letter home describing a space exploration CLL


Journey through space - imagine visiting outer space PSED


Galaxy of stars - paint planets to create a view from the spaceship window PSRN


Drinks in space - make some juicy rocket fuel and milky way smoothies KUW


Treats for tourists - make space treats in mini pots for imaginary astronauts PD (dried fruits and seeds)


Planet pizzas - make space themed pizzas with healthy toppings PSED


Musical jumps - play a space themed version of the game musical bumps KUW


Satellite obstacles - dodge the obstacles in space - CD


Shooting stars - shoot objects from one imaginary planet to other PD (get children to move objects from one planet to another in teams)


Hope these are useful if you want me to expand on anything let me know



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When we did space recently, we used the BLUE BALLOON story and every day had a different shape balloon and then on the friday let a helium filled balloon off into space and the end of the next week alan the alien sent a picture with him and his daughter agnes thanking the children for the balloon. The children really enjoyed making missing balloon posters , thank you notes and then beware aliens posters. It really got their imagination working and we had lots of child initiated ideas such as recording a message to play into our space role play appealing for the return of the balloon, creative drawing of balloon shapes and one bright spark made their own balloon from a cardboard box and made a pump to put the air in to make it fly!!


Good luck

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