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I have been told I must plan a unit of work from the new literacy strategy. As we haven't done any poetry yet (other than nursery rhymes!) I thought I'd do Overview 5 - Action rhymes. Can anyone who has planned from the new strategy give me any ideas. How long should the unit last - I'm thinking 2 weeks. Also, which action rhymes and how many? Can't say I feel madly inspired at the moment, so any ideas would be gratefully received.

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Here's just a few ideas of action rhymes:

5 Little mice came out to play, looking for crumbs along the way, out jumped the pussy cat bold and black and 4 little mice came scampering back (Use fingers as mice, wriggle and other hand as pussy cat -hide behind back and make it jump out) Continue rhyme until no mice left


Here is the beehive but where are the bees (use hands to make hive shape)

Hidden inside where nobody sees

Here they come creeping out of the hive

1,2,3,4,5, BZZZZZZZ (peep fingers out one at a time)


Pat -a-cake, Pat- a cake


I'll try to think of some more...can think of loads of action songs but not poems at moment!! Hope these help Harricroft

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