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Medium Term Planning Topic Water Year 1

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I did weather last year in Y1 class and we used "The drop goes plop" as one of our starting point books. We set up a weather chart were we recorded the temp- using outdoor therm. daily and the cloud type etc. This then formed our data handling for Numeracy. Obvious numeracy link is to capacity. We looked at different temperatures around the world and thought and talkd about how we could conserve and use water wisely in our school. Water Aid do a teachers' resource pack I'm pretty sure and that may have some starting points in it for you. It's a great topic - once you get started the problem is how to fit everything in, not what to do!

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That sounds really good....

By any chance do you have a copy of your medium term planning as am very much sinking in terms of ideas and would be so helpful to see them on paper...

Many thanks ruthy xxxxx

sorry, deletd from laptop in Septmeber and paper copy only in last year's file and that in archives at school now! Am in Nursery now, so have plenty of planning on laptop for that, but don't tend to keep old stuff once it's been printed and filed.

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Hi Ruthy,

Some things we did in nursery for our water topic included:

* Freezing small world animals and placing them in a tray for the children to explore the melting process. Time how long it takes.

* making boats out of junk/recycled stuff and seeing how many care bears can float in it

* Milk bottles filled with different amounts of water for tapping out different pitches

* A variety of objects for sinking/floating recording onto a simple chart

*Who lives in water? display

* Playing island games in PE: don't fall in the water!

* Water table and ducks with numbers written underneath. Can you catch numbers 1 to 5?

* Looking at ripples and doing lots of art work with circles/bubbles painting/collage with only circular materials, eg bottle tops

* Looking at differences between wet and dry sand, for writing purposes.

* Growing cress heads: leave one or two without watering

* Being healthy: drink lots of water discussions at circle time

* Marbling art work

* Use large plastic water bottles, and pierce holes in different places. Fill up and watch the different patterns of the jets (the lower the jets, the further the water spurts!)

* Seaside topics: mermaids, pirates, lighthouses, shells, etc.


Hope this gives you something you haven't yet thought of! :o


You could also try the topics section....there's one on The Sea

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As ever would be great to see this topic fitted into a medium term plan. Am planning this water topic for Year 1 but if it is for Nursery it would still help..But obviously if anyone has a medium term plan for year 1 would be great to see english maths and science and how it all fits in.. Many thanks ruthy :o xx

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Thanks for finding that very much.. .. Just running out of ideas for numeracy year one for water along with Science... Any ideas anyone and anyone ever done this topic in year 1 with planning would be just brilliant to have a look at....

Thanks once again ruthy :o

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Hi Ruthie,

Our long term plans are the same as in the resource library, under observation and assessment (the EYFS records that I uploaded a while back). They are the development matters statements in fact, which we ring and date throughout the year to show curriculum coverage. Unfortunately, we don't map out the learning intentions for each topic, as you might do further up the school. We do it as we go along.


For our short term planning, we list the activities such as those above according to which room in the nursery they are going to be done in, and then decided which LIs fit with our observations of the children, and the activities we have in mind. We then stick these up all around the nursery to remind staff of our LIs for the week/fortnight, both for the focus activities and in child-initiated/adult supported play. I attach a copy of the LIs we chose for the water topic.


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Many thanks for your advice and insight into how you go about assessing the children. I am hoping someone has covered the water topic in year 1 and would not mind sharing their planning with me as have to say come to a standstill for ideas in numeracy and science and english.. So anyone out there water topic year 1 medium term plans would be very grateful to have a look... many thanks for getting back with that ... Very interesting how you cover the curriculum :o

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