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Hi everyone,


We have been told that the govenors have some money left over that needs to be spent so all teachers are fighting over it and we need to give our ideas the first day back of next term.

I want to ask for new outside resources e.g. bikes, scooters etc.

Does anyone know where I can get the most for my money for these kind of things? They retail at about £100 each and I think it might be a bit too much to ask for unless I can find an alternative!

We are not allowed to know how much they have left over, it's just pot luck.


Or does anyone have anything in there outside area that is cheap and the children love?



Rachel xx

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theconsortium.co.uk but i'd go for community playthings, which of course are more expensive,but they do have a 10 year guarantee and are superb quality.


I'd also have a load of logs delivered, so they can rot down slowly and the children can investigate all the minibeasts etc which inhabit them. :o You can even grow mushrooms on them........and of course, the children can transport them,(get a couple of wheelbarrows) stack them, pile them...well, you get the idea!

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We are moving away from bikes and scooters in our setting. Toys that 2/3 children can ride on are great and our children love wheelbarrows!! We have also set up an investigation box full of binoculars, cameras, magnifying glasses, nets, clipboards etc.. and it is a big hit!


Hope that helps

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Id be thinking about activity resource boxes to use outside too.

Bikes and scooters are so expensive and always seem to be a sharing headache! Unless you are in a very deprived area the children will usually have this sort of thing at home too.

If you want resources for physical development, think bats and balls etc, skipping ropes, quoits and soft frisbees. I have some lovely balls with a hexagonal open weave which are really easy for the children to catch and which I would recommend!


Good luck. Hope you are succesful.

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I have found a lady that sells nearly new or new equipment from her house. I bought a selection of stuff and then let the children show me which ones they liked best. The most popular were Cosy Coupes and scooters - not terribly expensive scooters - just the Bob the Builder/ Balamory type ones, where you can raise the handle bars to the correct height. They are very sturdy.

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