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How Much Structure In Reception


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Hi all, just wondering what everyone else does. I have a small class of nursery/reception and some of the children are very bright and keen to record so we do some writing over and writing under models and they seem to enjoy this. they are good at number recognition, one more, one less, how many, putting together ect and i now feel they should be doing more recording in numeracy. I love role play and all the creative activities and would hate to be to scructured and i really promote learning through play but for these individuals should i be pushing them forward. worksheets do they have a value? i am not sure. Also parents are pushy and want them to be enrolling for 1st year uni ha ha! Year 1 teacher complains about her present class because she feels the previous teacher was very unstructed and these children have huge gaps. Think that all but hopefully it makes sense. Thanks again for your help. I am now trying to plan next half term

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