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Mixed Reception Year One Planning


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Hi K133 and welcome.


Sorry I cant help you with your query although Im sure someone with a mixed age class will be along soon. Lancsngfl has quite alot of mixed age planning and cumbria.

Tinkerbell, a member here said she does literacy and numeracy in the mornings and the other topic bits in the afternoon but Im sure she will explain herself later!

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Hi there,

I'm an NQT as well and I have a class with the same split as you.

What I do is firstly put in your assembly times, PE/ICT etc slots in. Then we put literacy and numeracy in the morning, where we alway start with phonics/ mental starter and then the Y1's are taken further either with myself or my TA in groups and reception are continued with reading, phonic/number activities. The afternoon is topic work and the last session of the day we have receptions CIL time and Y1 do spellings, handwriting and finish off work in this time. (anything they can do independently).


Sorry this is really waffley, I will try and upload my timetable tomorros when back at school. Just try and give Y1 as many independent activities as possible so you can focus on your reception. I also have a 'what can I do now box' where the children can go once they have finished their work, in it are wordsearches/games/spellings/handwriting sheets etc all based on our topic.


Please tell me if it's confusing and i'll try to explain it a bit better.


Can you help me- how do you plan your CIL time?


Rachel x

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Hello Rachel,


Thankyou so much for your help I get so worried about making sure i don't let everyone down. This is what I have been doing:


9:15-9:45 literacy Yr R and 1

9:45-10:30 CIL Yr1 do challenges whilst I do this


11:10- 11:30 Maths i take year 1 and Ta teachs YR

11:30 11:50 CIL




1:00- 1:20 Phonics and soundswrite

1:20- 2:00 Topic work

2:00- 2:30 CIL


I have just brought a clear photo holder and inserted all the pictures of the different areas in them and labelled it so children can put their name in the picture. Hope this is a help i got it from Merchant Chandlers in ashford.


It is so hard to fit all obs in and no one to ask really.

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