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I am planning a week on the 3 Billy Goats Gruff and am on the hunt for any new and exciting activities you may have done on this topic in the past.


We have done this a few times before but it is always nice to get new view points!!



Candy :o

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We made a bridge over the water play and used small world play toys for acting out the story. The children made a troll out of plasticine.


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I did this topic a few weeks ago. We took the kids into the playground. We used coloured chalks and I chose different kids to draw the bridge, the lush meadow and the dead field. I then chose different kids to be each of the characters. The ch acted it out and the rest of the children who were watching joined in with the 'trip trap, trip trap, trip trap' part. After we had shown the children how to do it, they were able to do it alone. We took some really great pics and there was no prep what so evef! It worked really well. We also sequenced the story using pictures from the story.


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We are nearing the end of a three week focus on Billy Goats.


Along with the obvious sorry letters from the troll I had already established a letter writing box- simply a shoe box ( decorated)

inside is

**a tin of 'stamps' ( you can search online for Maisy mouse stamps etc to print out and cut)

**Photos with names of all the children in class ( laminated)

**key words with picture cues (Troll, Billy Goats)

**necklaces to wear ( on each is a character from the story e.g. the troll) this really helped the children to write from the perspective of that character.

** Postcards, envelopes, paper (various shapes/sizes)


A very successful session involved reading postcards from the 3 billy goats & then wrote one ourselves


Hope this is not too late- sorry for being rambling- new to forum writing!!

Good Luck


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