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Literature Review On Eyfs


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Doing a literature review on EYFS and need to look for statistical reseach info on it.

I have looked at the EYFS consultation and found some of the methods used - longtitudinal, questionnaire but have no idea where to look for the statistics from this research.


Any ideas !!!!!


Net xx



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Not really sure if I understand what you are after. :o


The Rose report,

Every Child Matters,



etc plus lots more informed the creation of the EYFS, these individual reports plus maybe Ofsted analysis of current practice will give you statistical information (I think)


failing that research the authors of the EYFS to see what their individual research backgrounds are. xD



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Fantastic Peggy,


I need to examine the research methods used when consulting on the eyfs, analyse the advantages/disadvatages and compare and contrast them.


Where do you find out all this info, I didn't have a clue where to start.

Thank you


Net x


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I would suggest contacting the publishers maybe and asking if they have any contact numbers or names? That's a hard one!

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