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Why cant my college get anything right?


Turned up Thursday tea time to find out that year 2 part timers were totally confused, ment to be in one class not the other, then the year 1's said they want to start 30 mins early but I can't neither can 5 others put hey ho we will move to 3.30pm and us others will turn up when we can missing out on the start of lesson. :(


Then Friday another timetable confusion this time year 2 full timers want to shortten the lesson to fit everything they need in, so meaning a shorter lecture time, again part timers suffer and have a long break between lesson. :(


Oh on top of it all, the thurs evening class is very similar to what we did before christmas. I am going to try and get it done as most of the task I have covered in other lessons in year 1 and last term. xD Friday morning is ok but assgiment is work based need to sort something out quick (obs lessons don't happen until after I have left current temporary job). The afternoon is very interesting and I am looking forward to writing this up, fun bit the task need to take into account the abilities of the 16 -21 age group. :o


I will be glad when I get my foundation degree and top up degree done then I will be able to relax knowing that I don't have to do this again. I am thinking of seeing if I can complete my last 70 credits elsewhere that fits in with my working life and not the other way round! :(



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Guest cathy m

HI beth

Sorry to hear about your understandable frustration! this is one of the reason I got my foundation degree through the OU because of the flexibility and distance learning. it works for me



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Hi not so fast I am just starting my foundation degree and just had problems finding out when my first tutorial are but nothing showed up on web site! then got email confirming big mistake go tto go to tutorial this sat when 3 days notice is not enough then another email tonight because it was such short notice many of others can't go so now postpone til next week!!


So even OU don't get it right however studying at home is great you go at your own pace and no waffling or time wasting so much so Iam ahead of myself, at the moment it works for me.


I know very frustrating too.


Good luck with the rest of it and SMILE when its done :o

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