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Have been asked to help coordinate a book week across FS and KS1.


We have the usual ideas of dressing up and having a visiting author although not sure if these will be used. We are going to have a story telling/ reading afternoon with parents to finish it off.


I think the children could/should/ must make a book of some sort--KS1 are in mixed yr1/2 classes.


Any other ideas that are tried, tested and easy to organise would be gratefully received!

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How about an after school book sale? Depends on how much notice you have got and if you think your parents would want to buy. I can recommend Travelling Book Fairs.




We also had a creativity day in house teams (but had KS2 as well), with lots of extra adults brought in.

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We've got a book week coming up in a few weeks

Monday, the lady from Travelling Book fairs is coming in to talk to the children about her favourite books...... last year she was brilliant and we sold over a thousand pounds worth of books in 3 days and remember we're only an infant school in quite a poor area. That meant lots of books in commision for us too!

Tuesday, we're doing workshops and book making FS Mick Inkpen, Year 1 Jill Murphy and Year 2 Rahl Dahl.

Wednesday, Blunderbus a theatre company are doing "Giraffe's can't Dance"

Thursday, our local library are providing a storyteller coming into school (we have already set up visits to the library for the children with local community links) to tell each year group a story by their chosen author and

Friday, dress up as a book character.


Good luck with yours, last year the children and parents loved it.

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A few years ago when I was at nursery, I co-ordinated Book Week and did a dressing up day with a difference...


We had a Mr Men and Little Miss day, with activities focused on the characters (bandages and first aid for Mr Bump, looking at the shapes of the characters etc) but the dressing up was 'topsy turvy' so the staff and children either wore their clothes inside out or back to front!!


This was fun with the older children, but made it challenging for the staff with the toddlers who were toilet training :o


I also remember the children 'writing' their own books, with the staff acting as scribes and the children thinking of characters, where the characters went and what they did and how the story ended (I was in the rising 5s room, so this was a great activity) We then either wrote them with the children or supported them on the computer to produce their own book or draw pictures and then made a big display of them for the .

parents to see.

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One thing we did was to have a parents session (parents came and read / made a book with their child) but the following day we had a grandparents day. That ws really great.

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Not sure how much time you've got to plan....a few years ago we had a visiting author for the day. Paul Geraghty. I've no idea how much it cost for him to come. He gave 3 illustrated talks during the day. FS & KS1, Yrs 3&4, Yrs 5&6. He was utterly marvellous. A really entertaining speaker, told us about how he grew up and became excited about books then started to draw and write. In each talk he drew upon a particular book or books and drew one of the pictures from it with large felt pens. The pictures, signed were for the school. They are stunning and really inspired the children and adults too.

At the end of the day he held a sale of his books. It really was a magical experience I shall never forget. I've just got my copy of 'The Hoppameleon' down from the bookshelf with its gorgeous, vibrant frog on the front. When I re-read the stories I can hear Paul Geraghty's voice dramatising it in my head!


The back tells me that its in the Red Fox series published by Random House. So if anyone out there wants a similarly wonderful day perhaps they would be the first point of contact. www.randomhouse.co.uk


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