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Help-how Do We Fit It All In?


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Does anyone have a copy of thir weekly timetable that i can look at please. I cant see how to fit everthing in. How do people organise their day- self-reg, family groups, phonics, lit, num, kuw....the list goes on. we have changed our timetable so many times its untrue.

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Hi emmaed

This is a tricky one isnt it but you dont have to do everything every day or even every week. I think its about having a balance of activities across the week and blocking things depending on your circumstances. Some topics/ themes lend themselves to certain curricular areas better than others, so you may need to keep track of that too.

I try to have 3 distinct teaching focus times with whole groups--literacy/phonics, numeracy and a n other across the day and pick up on other things such as guided reading and handwriting.

I dont work to a timetable as such, except for times when I am accessing a shared space such as the hall for PE and the ICT suite. My teaching focus times tend to be part of the daily routine ie first thing, after play and after lunch but are reasonably flexible to cope with what else goes on.


Hope that helps.

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