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Hi all. Am having an observation by Maths co-ord soon on calculating. I teach in Nursery with just turned 3s to a few just turned 4s. Does anyone have any brilliant ideas please? She mentioned it would be good to see some jottings :o but i've already explained it's not really appropriate for their first experiences of calculating! (She's not EY based)!

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I have just been looking at the stepping stones for calculating in the e-profile and the stepping stones are-

responds to the vocab involved in addition and subtraction in rhymes and games.

Rec differences in quantity when comparing sets of objects.

finds one more or one less from a group of up to 5 objects.

What about role play eg a bus station five people buying tickets and getting on the bus, at the bus stop 1 person gets off eg one less and how many now. someone could be writing down how many get on the bus, giving tickets etc.

also imaginative play with the farm or zoo comparing sets of animals .getting the children to count how many cows , pigs etc Is there more cows or less pigs .can we write how many sheep we have .

hope this helps as this is the sort of observations we do to cover the stepping stones

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