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Hi, I could do with some advice again please!


I have just passed my research proposal and actually did quite well, considering I thought I was going to fail miserably. We had a terrible time with the tutor and the whole class was feeling really unprepared about actually carrying out the research, so so far, so good!


Trouble I'm having now is how to write the literature review? I have got loads of stuff that I have started looking through but I need to put it into some kind of structure. I don't know how to start it, how to carry it through etc, but I do know how I need to critique the things I am saying. :o


I'm rubbish at planning assignments generally, but really struggling with this one. I would be grateful for any advice or words of wisdom from those of you who have managed to do it. I've got less than 2 months until the whole report goes in so time is really not on my side.


Thanks in advance! xD

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First of all have you read any suppotting literature? some are really good and loads out there, a straight forward one is by Guy Robert Holmes (I think) step- by step guide to your research project.


Alot of advice states why you chose the topic you did. For example, when I did mine last year on outdoor play I scanned alot of old photos of me when I was small playing outside and made that my intro with a brief summary about how I loved being outside and how that is still with me etc.....


I structured mine aound the Learning Outcomes but there was certian things I wanted to get in, like historic, cultural and social issues as well as different theorists perspectives. But think this depends on topic and also what your views are!


Hope this is helpful :oxD



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Hi Clare,

Whenever I'm reading in preparation for an article or a presentation, I write down headings and subheadings as I go. Most of the time, if your read three or four books/articles on a subject, they will cover the same broad headings. That way, at least I get the structure worked out before I start filling in with the content. :o

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