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I have a list of policies to research for my CCLD and they don't match the ones we have.


Parental Permission

we have forms we send out for photos, trips details but how can a policy be based around forms?



I have searched the forum and come up with a lot on potties which we currently don't have and I know about gloves and aprons and handwashing and cleaning the area and disposal what else could a hygeine policy possibly contain?

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oops hit the wrong button,


I would like to say any input gratefully received as I am going slowly insane over doing my summary sheets.


Many Thanks

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Hygiene policy could also be about food preparation, storage of cleaning products, room tempartures,


parental permission could also include that they have read and agree to your policies, permission to pass records onto schools, take photos, etc


I will give it more thought

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Our parental permission page is part of our registration document but we don't have a written policy to describe it.


Hygiene is part of our health and safety policy which contains all the information already mentioned.


Hope that helps.

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hygiene policy covers food hygiene as well, all staff to have food hygiene cert.,plates ect to be sterilised, mug, dummies named? It is as debs, part of our health & safety policy

Parent permission for professional ie a doctor to carry out treatment needed by the child in an emergency at hospital( as we cannot ) is on the registration forms

I will look at my policy when I get to work for you

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Hi, not sure if it will help but, as a childminder, I have to have a policy for hygiene and The Guidance to National Standards for childminding (std7) covers these points:

* preventing the spread of infection (handwashing, food storage, changing nappies or wet clothes, nose wiping and disposal of the tissue! and using the toilet correctly)

* animals in the setting (handling, health checks, cleaning & feeding arrangements)

* sandpits

* food handling

* medicine (safe storage, recording, use of suncreams, lotions and nappy creams)

* first aid

* sick children

You can get the National Standards on www.dfes.gov.uk or www.ofsted.gov.uk.

Childminders each write their own policies for their own settings and routines, covering everything from behaviour management to late or non-collection of children.

On my EYFS briefing the trainer mentioned that we may be in a better place than some of the other settings in this respect. Got a local childminder who would let you see their policies? I'm happy to give more in depth info if you like - Ofsted saw and approved them in Nov last year during my inspection and I got an overall outstanding grading!


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I would think that your parental permission is 'practice' following your parents as partners 'policy'.


Sometimes the 'policy' and the 'practice' can become confused or mixed up. Same with Hygiene there is a 'policy' and 'procedure/practice'. Basically your policies identify the ethos, your settings overall aims, long term. Whereas your 'practice / procedures' are your settings objectives showing how you meet your ethos / goals.



I have a short paragraph stating my 'policy' for each policy area ie


Health Policy - statement - 'name of preschool' aims to provide for children and adults good health and well being, to enable the children to develop healthy lifestyles and make healthy choices, to maintain physical and emotional wellbeing. We aim to ensure a healthy environment and adhere to and practice all statutory and legislative requirements as described in the national standards section ? (can't remember, is it standard 7?) etc etc..................................

Then listed under thi are the objective / health procedures such as

Nappy procedure

Food handling procedure

snack bar practice

medication procedure

etc etc


hope that helps and hasn't confused



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