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A simple activity I use to introduce initial sounds in a fun way with nursery. We use a toy train with an empty truck on the back to start with I put toys all starting with the same letter . we pull the train round the circle singing

the sound train came over the hill and she blew tootoot (repeat ) :oxD

the sound train came over the hill faster and faster she going still what sound will she bring today


this is sung to the runaway train tune


Phase one is a must as already given :(:(

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We play a game called pass the bag/box round and have hoops with the letter sounds in the middle of the circle, children then pass the bag round to a song we made up ourselves which they seem to love they then delve into the bag and find an object corresponding to the sound they then place it into the hoops.

They seem to love it and they have been picking up sounds and actions brilliantly.

Hope this helps


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the phase one games are super follow marions link or i have it in a easy to read format not sure where i got it from but it is someone elses hard work not mine in nursery it ismore important that children hear and distinguish between sounds rather than recognise and read sounds


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