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Foundation Stage/year 1 Daily Plans?


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Hello all,

I am teaching a yr 1/foundation class and I wondered how other people plan their day?

I have searched on here but it seems to be pretty inconclusive. I have been teaching a very structured day with literacy, numeracy and topic sessions but am aware that i need to change to allow more child initiated time. I only have 4 yr 1 children and these are lower ability than some of the reception children but Im concerned that I still need to keep structure for them. A school near me recently got an outstanding by ofsted and they have no plans and no specific timetable - its very child initiated for most of the day.

What do other people do?

Hope you can help.

Thank you very muchly

big smiles


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Hi tatty and welcome, thank you for making your first post so quickly!


I think you've hit the nail on the head to a certain extent, as everyone does things just a little bit differently. There is certainly a move to become more child led although this will depend a lot on your headteacher, I guess. I think the key is to be flexible and react to the children, there are some things that do need to be delivered but you seem to be indicating that your yr1 children would benefit from a more child led approach and if the learning is appropriate wont they benefit rather than sticking to regime that delivers very little other than routine?


Why not give it a go and see how you get on? Good luck.

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A warm Welcome to the forum Tatty :o


As you say, a definitive way to plan the day is impossible to find, or indeed to advise because each class is as unique as the teacher and children in it. xD

I am sure you will have further more useful comments from R/Y1 teachers (I am preschool experienced).

What I would suggest, which I have learnt from reading previous topics on this subject is that it is helpful to trust your own professional judgement and instincts of what is best for your class, and get other staff within the school understanding and supporting your ethos. How this is managed I presume will depend on 'history' as you say the class is rather structured at present, is this because of external pressure?


Good luck, you have found the right place to 'discuss and share' your ideas with others who have experienced or are going through similar experiences as you.



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Thank you for your reply!

Im thinking about having a daily literacy based or numeracy based focus then make sure i set up activities which will allow development in all areas along the theme. Im going to make it as child led as poss for a week and see how the children respond then go from there. Its really hard to let the children take the lead with so many targets needing meeting etc!


Please let me know if anyone has any examples of how their days work.

Thank you very much


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Hi Tatty


Have you looked at the info in Continuing the Learning Journey? There is a copy in every school - honest! It is bright pink! Look at that as it has some great examples especially the DVD.


You say a school near you has had an outstanding OFSTED so maybe you could get in touch and ask if you can visit - it would be a good use of PPA time.


I would set up my class as a YR with all the routines that I would have in YR and the room layout and then plan for the needs of each child. As Peggy has already said use your professional judgement and trust in yourself.


Good lcuk.

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