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I just have a few questions about Adult led and child led activities


Is adult led acticvites things that we plan for them to do like next week we will be starting winter so any of the activites i arrage fro them to do will be adult led ? is what right? and if i do an abseravtion on a child and i do the next step tp support the child is that adlut led and activities from the play plans is that adlut led ?



Is child led activities - at the moment my lot lvoe playing picutre lotto , so say if one of the children asked to play picutre lotto and we got it out and played picutre lotto is that child led?

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Child Initiated Learning requires the child

deciding where to go

what to do (within the boundaries set)

what to use

who to work with (if anyone)

how long to be there (within the boundaries if the day)


It is NOT Child Initiated Learning when adults

set the agenda

send children to particular areas

organise groups to work together

limit the time they can spend at their chosen area

rotate groups round provision.


Hope that helps

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Guest Wolfie

In answer to your question about the picture lotto - yes, I would say that that is child led, and that your topic activities, planned and provided by you, are adult led/initiated.

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