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I have beening in to waterstones today to look for 2 books one with the deveplment norms in and one about observation children


the one i got about observation children is called A Practical Guide to Child Obsevation and Assessment 3rd edition by christine hobart and jill frakel Its really good it shows you have to all the diffrent ways of observation like

  • The written recoad
  • Time and event samples
  • checklist
  • graphs,pie and bar charts and histograms
  • traget child
  • longitudinal studies
  • sociograms
  • movment and flow charts
  • media
  • the high/scope technique


its really good as it tells about each diffrent modthad it shows you a blank exmaple and then one filled in and it shows you to give genral feedback and comments/background infomation,evaluation and assessment,possiablie referral/recomendations,personal learing and references and bibliography


it aslo has the devepolment norms at the back

and it was only £11.50


I also got the Child deveplemnt an illustrated guide birther to 16 years 2nd edition by carolyn meggitt which is the book about the deveplment norms it has the same ones as the other book above but a bit more readable

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i have been reading it this afternoon at my grandads house and i now feel i know more about obseavtions and how to do them etc im kinda teaching myself how to do them

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