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My Indivial Play Plan Recoards


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Hiya again :o


So i made an indivial play plan up for the 6 children i look after, which i think mos of you have seen


I have also made an indivial play plan recoard sheet, on this i recoard the date, the activity the child is doing or did i then wirte a few comment about how the child did with the activity, like did he enjoy it dose he still need to do some more work on it etc. Then if there is any evidence for the activity like if you made took a picture of the exmaple i did one this week with a child where he drow a circle and some lines which was on his indivial play plan so i can put that in with it. but i may not have evidence for everything justt some things . so really its jsut like obsavtion the child doing the actcity really.


I then have made up an indivial play plan review which is just is done after 3months and it just saying how the child can do that acitvity or if it still nedds to work on on that actvity etc..


so each sheet follows on to the other


I just have 1 question, where should i keep all the indivial play plan recods in the childrens files what there have with there work in and EYFS obsavtions in or a diffrent folder?



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