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Hi its Tink here !

having abit of trouble with some theory behind my observations, I wonder if anybody could give me any theorists connected to children regarding Personal, social, emotional development or any good books that would help me within this subject.

Many thanks !!!!!!!!!!! :o

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Hi Tink, not sure if this will help but iam currently doing my Nvq 4 and i came across the

Maslows Hierarchy of needs! ( Abraham Maslow 1908-1970).

He talks about if physcological needs are not met the consequences have an impact on every aspect

of our development.

For example we need Food, Warmth, Shelter to function!

We need to feel safe and loved etc.


If you type it in Google you can get lots of bits and bobs!

Hope that helps!!

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Bandura's Social Learning Theory - Children learn by copying, imitating or through example.


Piaget and Freud - believed children progressed through different stages as they mature.


Vygotsky's Theory of Cognitive Development - said children were mainly influenced by culture and society. He also suggested that adults needed to extend children's learning to enable them to reach their full potential. He called this the Zone of Proximal Development (typical of a scientist really- why use one word when 4 will confuse just as well!!!!) xD


Piaget identified 4 stages of cognitive development:-

1. Sensori-motor stage (0-2yrs)

2. Pre-operational stages (2-7)

3. Concrete operational stage (7-11)

4. Formal operation stage (11-15)


John Bowlby developed the Theory of Attachment - maternal attachment is essential for healthy psychological development.


Skinner's Theory of Reinforcement - he suggests that children learn if their efforts are reinforced in some way.


There are others, too numerous to mention. I found 'Google' to be a good friend at these times. All you ever needed to know but were afraid to ask!!

Good luck Tink.


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