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can you please help me with this?

Implement a contextual analysis of the setting you work making ref to physical environment inc resorces/facilities,ethos,the staffing,practioners roles and responsibilities

Now i have lots of ideas as we have to make reference to the theorists,behaviourists,leglislation etc

What Im struggling to do is how to set it out (I struggled with my last one too)

This is task 1 of 4 the others being,information of how we meet all our childrens needs and a portfolio of learning plans and records with reflection and a profile of child with specific need all of which I can also make ref to above but what im struggling with it is 2000 words of which 500 each section.

thats not alot for a contextual analysis is it?

Do i do my analysis as a description of our day/routine and refer to the theorist etc that way? Its going to be more then 500 words im sure.

Or do I just mention our own ethos set up etc and how we approach things quoting some theorists etc

i would really appreciate some advice :o (I have asked at uni but i think Im the only one not geting it!! and dont want them to think im daft!!) xD

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Not sure this is much help this late in the day as my brain is tired and more than a little tipsy having just finished by first TMA for E124!


I often think things look confusing to begin with, but become clearer as you try to formulate them. I would start by describing your setting, the physical environment, your staff, have you get an organisational flow chart you can add as an appendix to save on word count (IF you are allowed to do that), then your ethos. Or whatever order you think fits. Start mapping it out, then put things in a logical order as you go. Slotting in theorists as you can.


Keep asking at Uni, I bet you a billion pounds you are not the only one. if there's one thing I have learnt in life, people often feel the same as me just to scared to ask!


I hope this is a little help.

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thanks deb as you can see from time ive tried to get my head round it!!

I have at least down on paper what i want to say and how i can link it to the theorist etc but am so tired i cant think striaght either xD

Tomorrow is another day :o

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Hi, i would also say do an intro of your setting, include your routine and bring in some theoriests which talk about importance of having routines and indoor and outdoor play linking with your routine. Flow chart idea is also something i used when i had to do an assignment on roles and responsiblilites of staff in my setting. If your assignment does not have to be in essay format you could do a powerpoint presentation on it this is what i did looking at resources, routine, staff roles etc

Hope this helps, if you want to see mine i can find it and email it onto you.



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thanks Dee I put in many hours yes but i ran out of time and had to give it in without a bibliography i was in tears!! But they let me email it on,however I lost marks with my referencing it is all so new to me and a nightmare. I had a mini breakdown I was so tired trying to keep a full time job down and prepare for christmas.

I have lots to write about but struggle at first to understand how they want it and this harvard ref lark!! my 3rd assignment is poss due back this or next week and I realy tried hard to get the ref right so hopefully!! i have lots of support from here people who have know what its like and my mentor and staff are brill. Hubby was ready to file for a divorce however he was feeling very neglected!! we are farmers and the lambs are coming thick and fast at the mo so he is preoccupied! :o luckily my boys are men now, I dont know how they do it with young children too!! RESPECT xD

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Just wanted to say well done Andreamay for keeping at it. Know what you mean about running out of time and harvard system. :( My first module on my online degree, deadline was midnight, did everything and submitted at 23:59 hrs :o but no bibliography ( which I find really hard when using online research).

I got a 65% WITHOUT bibliography, which at the end of the day is a pass. I was disappointed with myself at first for not completely completing my work ( no bibliography) but in the end was happy to have got a pass and could then move on to the next module. I think that we do sometimes push ourselves too hard to the detriment of ourselves and others around us, but keeping things in perspective, yes, do what needs to be done but be happy with achievement (at whatever level) and don't beat yourself up if it doesn't reach the merit or distinction level.


Good luck with your future assignments, and although hubby is busy, bet your life he is proud of you and your achievements. xD:(



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