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Hi all,

i'm tryin to write the spring term medium term planning for the topic of people who help us/jobs...my mind is blank due to just practising the nativity play and realising how wonderfully awful it is! xD

So I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas or even better..planning to save whats left of my poor brain! :o

Any ideas welcome, thankyou! :D

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gosh your organised!!!

We dont plan that far in advance anymore but when we have done people who help us we have

lots of role play ops

made a fire engine

police car

junk modelling


wall freize of diff people by drawing round the children and putting on appropriate uniform

have police and others in to talk to the chuldren

visit a fire station

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Assistants in shops when we get lost.


Mechanics - set up home corner as a garage. Have a break down truck, road cones to cordon off the area.


Builders, plumbers, electricians - all emergency call outs.


Don't know if they help, good luck with planning.


We have also sorted out our topics until Feb half term!

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people who help us at home - pictures of people who help us at home, post office in the role play area, story- jolly postmans or others people letters, home corner cooking like mum and dad at home, washing dishes in the water tray.

People who help keep us safe -police, school crossings, - mrs armitage on wheels by quentin blake, etc

people who help us to stay healthy - healthy eating , role play doctors, nurses - jim and the beanstalk,

people who help us have food- olivers fruit salad, olivers vegetables.good luck.

visit from local police, any parents who are nurses etc

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