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Nvq 3 Ccld Unit 310


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A bit of help need here. I am struggling with this unit . Would like to finish it thsi week so I can hand file in .


I am finding this part of the unit a bit tricky ' Idenbtify and plan asessmnet requiremnets of cirriculm frameworks '


I am not in the managemnet team and not responsible for planning but obviuolsy have an input as regards observations of the children etc .


How do I cover


1. Consult with relevant adults when planning assessments.


2. Clearly define the roles and responsibilties of those who are involved


3. Ensure that adequate resources are available for the assessmnet process and those involved are confident and well informed.


4 Check that those involved are clear about assessmnet methods and requirements and the importance of making clear judgemenst based on a vareity of sources.



I have been racking my brain all weekend over this > I am sure ther is a simple way of explaining it but I feel asthough I may be looking too deep. As I am not in cahrge of the setting I dont know who to really cover the above 4 points.


Any guidance ?





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I think the consulting with relevant adults must include the child's parents and carers, so you get as much information about the child as possible. Also the child's key person and as many other members of staff as possible. We have a staff meeting where we discuss the children, and everyone chips in with their observations. We find this helpful because a child who might seem quite shy with one member of staff may be very chatty and outgoing with another. We pool the observations and the key person makes sure they all go into the child's records. This obviously helps with your number 4, too.


In terms of the roles and responsibilities, you could plan for each member of staff to carry out a lengthy observation on one of their key children once a week, for example. Or you could choose a member of staff each day to be largely responsible for observations in the role play area. There are loads of different ways to organise observations; you just need to make sure all the staff know what they are in your setting, and that everyone has a part to play.


Adequate resources.....we have a clipboard in each room and sheets for the "catch as you can" type observations, so that anyone can quickly jot down something significant they have witnessed. You could also think about freeing up a member of staff occasionally to watch and observe from the sidelines, without engaging in the children's play. You get a great feel for the whole picture and often see children behaving in completely different ways, eg more dominant that you had previously experienced.


Hope this gives you a :o start

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