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I'm currently on my final placement of my PGCE and, like most students, are looking for a job. I specialised in early years and would love to work in a reception class. Problem is so far I have had no luck with my applications and I wondered if anyone could offer any advice or hints?


I recently gave my letter of application to my tutor/teacher and she said it sounded good. Is there anything I should definately have in it?


Also when writing applications a lot of them have a section labelled 'Supporting Statement'; my lecture said to put all my expereinces etc in my letter of application and to write in this section 'see letter of application' Is this the right thing to do or does it look lazy that I've not handwritten it?


And one last question, is it a problem that I can't visit the schools I'm applying to because I'm moving across the country?


Thanks to everybody who reads all of that! and any comments!




Buttonmoon :D

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Sorry you haven't been successful so far :o Have you had any interviews? If so, it is possible to ask for feedback; it's quite common practice, now.

If not, it may be the content and/or presentation of your application. I would handwrite your supporting statement, for the reasons you suggest; it may sound petty, but some managers like to see what your handwriting looks like for a fairly lengthy piece of prose.

What kind of information are you putting in your supporting statement?

I'd suggest:

1) Emphasize what you're good at. "I work well in a team; I demonstrated this when....." or "I am very self-motivated; I began recently to..."

2) Suggest ways that you could improve your own practice during the first few years of your employment. "I am hoping to develop my professional expertise in......" "I have a particular interest in......and I would welcome the chance to improve my knowledge and skills in...."

3) Imagine you are in the job! "I am looking forward to....." "As a class teacher, I believe I......."


You need really to show that you are so fired up about working in reception, you will give it your all! Good luck, and get back to us :D

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Hi Buttonmoon,

Don't give up ! I didn't get my first post until July when I qualified. My letter had been a bit too vague I think until then ! Ask lots of people to read it and be brutal with you. I don't think there are easy answers...just get lots of ideas and try and write what best represents YOU !

There are some great ideas in Helen's reply but I agree with your tutor I would put 'see letter of application' and then type it.....this does show your I.C.T. skills after all.


I have been on a shortlisting panel and our main task was to match the forms with the person specification and we gave ticks for aspects of the person specification which we felt had been covered in the letter. I really think the shortlisters will be interested in what you say, linking it to the person spec. and also the school.


When you look at an advert e.g. on TES website you can print a copy of their last OFSTED report which can give you some interesting background info. I use phrases like 'I feel I share this philosophy/approach with.....School' I think Schools want to think that you would only like to work for them so give them the impression you haven't mass-produced the letter.


I think if you live close to a school it looks keen to visit, but schools are realistic and don't expect you to travel 200 miles just for a visit.


Some more ideas :

1) Start with a short paragraph summarising what you have done (which year groups taught etc. and aspects of your training which sound impressive or innovative)


1) Perhaps a paragraph covering each main part of the person spec. with a mixture of your philosophy and practical examples of what you have done during your P.G.C.E. or before if it is relevant


2) Maybe paragraphs on your Curriculum interests (how will you make a whole school contribution ?....what have you already done to prove this !)


3) Your ideas about how your classroom would be organised and why e.g. based on exciting 1st hand experiences and encouraging independence and always give examples of what you have done or would do.


Hope this is of some use...as you can tell I still ramble on but have managed to get three great Early Years teaching jobs and I'm sure you will too. It's the place to be !


Good luck...sock it to them.

Best wishes

Galleon :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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