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Bit of a long shot probably, but, does anyone teach in a Catholic school and use the REvision 2000? The lesson suggestion for this week is:-


Encourage a brief 'quiet time' when the children say something they

want to say to Jesus. The teacher may start them off with a phrase

such as: "Jesus, we're glad you're with us" and children continue

"Jesus we're glad ....." adding their own endings.


We have just 'done' Jesus going back to his Father and saying goodbye to his friends but promising that he'll always be with them.


I'm really stuck for ideas on how I can make this interesting/enjoyable/ understandable for them. I have visions of meeting a stony silence (will make a change :o or things like Jesus thank you for my cat - which I'm not sure is what they're after.


Any ideas or suggestions will be most gratefully received :)



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Sorry Harricroft, not sure I can help really but if you're obliged to offer the lesson I guess you will need to do so and accept the answers you get.


Presumably you will have some other guidelines to go on. Are you a Catholic yourself? If not, there must be someone in school you could get advise and inspiration from?

Good luck.

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You have my sympathy, these things can be a bit 'ticklish', to say the least!! :)

My feeling would be, not to worry too much about the children's responses, the main thing here, I think, is to get them used to a bit of 'thinking time' and 'speaking to God', if you see what I mean. xD

I may, of course, be talking rubbish, but from my experience when I used to teach Sunday School, the Rector's approach was always to value anything young children had to contribute, whatever, in a spirit of building their confidence in the church and her family.

The Bishop of Southwell was totally unfazed by my then 13 year-old daughter, who was entrusted with the video camera to record the 'mix and mingle' session after some confirmations, proceeding to zoom in on him. She cheerfully remarked "Hey, this is great!! I can see right up your nostrils!"

Not exactly relevant, but in keeping with the spirit of what I'm trying to say. And a good story, too, I think! :o


Sue :D

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