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We are a 65 place nursery (65 morning and 65 afternoon), some children full time (those entering reception class in Jan) and some part time. We have 5 members of staff with 13 children in each group. Our building is quite old and is split over 3 large rooms. I feel we work really hard to provide children with a good learning environment. The problem I am having is planning for individual children - for example if it was my turn in the craft room (painting, sand, water, tactile, craft etc) I can observe and record what the children do. I could also decide what these children might need to do next. The problem is that these children may not access this area again for a week or so as it is free flow play. Other children may come and do something completely different. Is there anyone with similiar problems (although not sure if I have expressed this well). How do you plan for individuals when there are so many.


Any suggestions gratefully received




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