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Continuous Provision In Y1


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I've been asked to put together a support pack for Y1 teachers to develop their continuous play provision.

I'm making a series of booklets relating to various themes which are taking small world figures etc as a starting point.

I'm looking at developing suggestions for each area of play provision in the classroom which start with an adult directed activity but will eventually become an enhancement in the continuous provision - hope that makes sense!

I'm getting lots of ideas but I thought I would pick all of your brains too as there are some fabulous ideas on this forum!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Topics are;

The princess and the pea

Imagination - i.e. wizards, fairies etc

Cold places







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we have other cultures in small world play

.........................Playmobile ...............

Inuit people , with Igloos, polar bears and ice floes, etc;

and a set of native Americans with teepees, buffalo,horses,dogs etc..........got them all from ebay....

also, hospital set, with ambulances, doctors/nurses/patientsetc and emergency helicopter;

emergency vehicles so Police,fire engines etc

wooden, community Playthings vehicles/trucks/planes/helicopters to go with blocks(they also make a set of mini unit blocks for tabletop work).

Noahs ark......with many more animals, courtesy of ebay again......

farm set, several buildings, lots of animals, people, vehicles;

dolls house, with different ethnic groups/ages


gosh, this is making me think!!

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