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We are planning to extend our Nursery and would like to set up a

multi-sensory room. We don't have loads of cash so would like cheap/free ideas but also more expensive 'wow' type ideas we can save up for. can you suggest any good suppliers / websites for ideas too ?



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Probably irrelevant, but....



One of my children's friends did a GCSE topic aimed at VI children. He bought loads of cheap stuff and assembled a transportable unit.


Some ideas I gleaned:


Wall tiles from IKEA (multi faceted, shiny things, very cheap).

Plasma ball (available from "pound shops").

Disco ball (ditto).

Twirly perspex things (my 13yr-old makes them for free as a hobby at after school TK classes - so ask around).

Cheap torches (also look for "disco lights" - tiny, very bright torches in various colours, about 50p each from shops such as QD).

All sorts of holographic wrapping paper/card (use it with torches).



I have loads more ideas for visual, all stemming from that young lad's project.


Other sensory areas are probably just as cheaply covered. Someone will have ideas.



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WE set up a sensory room last year for our children. I wasn't instrumental in this, but one of my closest friends was, so I'll find some info. I do know that she raised lots of sponsorship from local businesses though. I'll ask anyway and get back to you.


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A friend has created a multi sensory room for her school - and all by herself!


She has in her room

A CD player with natural sounds CD plus some chill out music

A projector for some of those plasma wall effects

A sheepskin rug and a 'bed tent' with fairy lights fixed to the ceiling inside the tent and a string of spaghetti fibre optic lights on the floor

A soft sofa and large cushions -plus some floppy animals that can be sat on or cuddled

Window blinds to keep out light when needed.


A large company gave lots of help and there was a grant ( after most of the work had been done though) which bought some soft play blocks - and a soft punch bag !



The room is a valuable resource for the whole school and lots of the staff go along just to sit a while and chill ( when the children arent there naturally)

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