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I am currently writing my medium term plans - a bit late I know, but have been working on a rough copy up until now. I am an NQT working in a school nursery. I have had a lot of pressure from parents about when I'm going to teach their children to write their name. I have explained that we will be working on the skills they need to develop this later in their education i.e. lots of gross and fine motor skill activities and experimental mark making.

I am not sure how much I should be teaching the children about letter formation. I am trying to use the activity ideas in the letters and sounds document e.g. I spy etc. But the previous plans state to use a alphabet line to show what these letters are like. Should I be doing that or just focusing on them hearing the sounds. I am really unsure what to do. Do we still need to practice things like the alphabet song?

Many Thanks


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I have worked through the order of letters more or less as suggested in Letters and Sounds/Jolly Phonics. (These are slightly different). Now that I have covered all the letters of the alphabet, I will probably introduce the alphabet to them, probably with a themed alphabet display (Christmas is obvious idea but Jehovah's Witness child in my class) and alphabet song. Although we have learnt all the letters and their sounds, the reception children are only just starting to write them. As we use a cursive joined style from the start, this is challenging. Sorry- Have I answered your question in any way?

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