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I wonder if someone can help me, I have finally managed to get hold of a statutory assessment form, but don't seem to be able to get any help with filling it in, i have tried our Area Senco but she says it's nothing to do with her as portage are involved, i have tried portage and the person who is dealing with the child is off sick and no one seems to know when she is due back!!!! so i feel like i'm on my own here.


I'm having problems with page 2, it is all about broad and specific descriptors of educational needs, please refer to 6.6 of the SEN hand book which i have done which still hasn't helped.

There are two headings - one is broad descriptors, the other is specific descriptors, it then states different areas of learning, for example

cognition and learning for Broad descriptors and SPLD,MLD,SLD,PMLD under specific descriptors

Communication and interaction - SLCN,ASD

physical and sensory - VI,HI,PD,MSI

behaviour Emotional and social - BESD


What do all the codes mean, i believe MLD is moderate learning disorder, SPLD is specific learning disorder, after this i'm lost, i'm really strggling with this page and what am i suppose to write here


I hope this makes sense!!!!!! as this is really doing my head in.... HELP!!!!

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Dont quote me but I think----



Specific learning development/ difficulty

Moderate learning difficulty

Severe learning difficulty

physical and mental learning difficulties



Speech, language and communication

Autistic spectrum disorders



Vision impairment

hearing impairment

Physical development/ difficulty

multi- sensory difficulties



behaviour and Social Difficulties

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MSI ~ Multi-Sensory Impairment

VI ~ Visual Impairment

HI ~ Hearing Impairment

PD~ Physical Disability

PMLD ~ Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulty

BESD ~ Behavioural, Emotional and Social Difficulty

SLCN ~ Speech, Language and Communication Needs

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